Dead Animal Removal

Whether it's mice, rats, cats, dogs, badgers or foxes.

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Just Clear offer dead animal carcass removal all over the UK

We offer you a great value, award-winning, reliable, friendly service.

Contact us at Just Clear and we will hygienically and safely remove and dispose of the animal. In the past, we have removed everything from mice and rats, to cats and dogs, even foxes, badgers and small deer!

If an animal has passed away on your property, you might not even notice until you begin to smell it. This smell tells you that the body has already begun to decompose and will be unsafe for you to touch. Our professional teams have protective clothing that ensure no animal diseases will be transferred to anyone during the collection or disposal of the animal. We will also disinfect the area and leave it in a hygienic and tidy state if required.

If you have a larger animal such as a cow, horse, donkey etc then you will need to report it to your local council who will be able to help you.

We can help you remove animals like:

Small mammals

  • rats
  • mice
  • cats
  • dogs
  • foxes
  • rabbits
  • squirrels
  • bats


  • pigeons
  • seagulls
  • sparrows
  • magpies